Here's the most important part of our community - getting involved! School isn't all about assignments and exams. Give your character life and tell the story of his or her experiences in the academy. Meeting new people and making new friends. Draw your character interacting with other characters and contributing to the school spirit. Whether your character fell in love with your holy arts teacher, had a food fight in the cafeteria, or danced naked on school campus. Whatever it is, draw it and show your passion! Be sure to follow the rules though!

Academy Life

This is the general area which makes most of your student life and experience. To contribute to Academy Life, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Submit your AoH-related deviation to your own gallery first.
  2. Make sure your house name is in the artist's comments, preferably at the top.
  3. Submit it to the Academy Life gallery folder in the group. There are multiple ways to do this. You could either (a) go into the group's appropriate gallery folder and press "Submit to this Folder" or (b) go into your deviation and press "Submit to a Group" on the side, type in "aohc", check, and choose the appropriate folder..

Don't forget to put the name of your house in the artist's comments. With this, we can add activity points to your house and bring them closer to the top. Deviations are worth about 1-3 points each. Exceptional ones may worth up to 10 points. Some exceptions may apply.


Chat is a real quick way to roleplay in real-time. Come visit our main chatroom sometime! Links to every house chatroom are available in there, so you can say that the main chatroom is the lobby or portal. Don't forget to follow the chatroom rules.


Occasionally, we find ways to give our students a break from classes and new ways to experience Academy Life by running official events on campus. Let it be a seasonal event, festival, celebration, or something totally different altogether.

But, we aren't only ones who get to choose events for our students. Students can come up with a creative and fun event of their own. If you do, please let us know and ask for our permission. We'll put your event onto our events page.

Fun Stuff

Here are some more fun things you can do!

Profiles for your character. Write on your journal about his or her character traits, background, relationships, and more!

Memes are available if you feel like trying something different for your character such as drawing him or her as the opposite gender, with the opposite personality, or wearing a wig and a fancy dress! You can find these memes in our gallery.

Stamps are always fun. Create stamps for your house to show your support! Make some for your beloved friends too. Please note that personal stamps do not count for activity points.

Social Network are popular tool that enhances roleplaying experience. Have your friends ask your character a question or two.

Tips: Here is a list of tips that may be useful to you.*Academy Life Submission Tips

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